I Want To Be Your Social Media BFF

I Want To Be Your Social Media BFF - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

The most frequently asked question I get from small businesses I encounter is 'What exactly do you do?'  

The short answer:

I make your company look good online.


The long answer:

I make sure your customers know how to contact you.

I tell them about sales and offers.

I convey your brand and culture.

I appeal to new customers and engage loyal ones.

I build rapport with your followers so they will, in turn, evangelize your products.

I stay on top of trends and changes in social media.

I make sure the path from your social media page to your cash register is a smooth one.

I build turn angry complainers into satisfied customers.

I write your words, create your pictures, tell your story, and promote your brand...in your voice....while you do what you do best - YOUR BUSINESS!

I want to be your Social Media BFF!

Drop me a line on your favorite platform!





Sarah Selvarengaraju