7 Alternatives to Giving Your First Born for Stock Photos

7 Alternatives for Stock Photos - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

You are writing a great piece.

You find a perfect photo.  

You look at the price and....


This happens WAY too often to me.  I bang out an awesome post for myself or a client only to find out that the amazing picture I wanted to use will cost my entire coffee budget for the week.  As a solo business owner, a high priced photo can be the kiss of death to an otherwise productive day.  What do I do now?  Go pull one from Canva?  Sure, those are a little overused and unoriginal, but they only cost a dollar.  Right?

I recently stumbled upon an article about photographers who are posting their photos for free use.  Sure, some of the sites have ads but who doesn't these days.  I have found the photos on these sites to be more quirky, raw, and in most cases PERFECT!  I am posting the links to the amazing sites while also posting my favorite coffee related photo (My Obsession!) from that particular site.  ENJOY!

NOTE: Please read the rules of each site as they may have changed from the date of this post to the date you read it, but as of now, all photos on these sites are free of cost and restriction of use.  



BONUS!  A Royalty Free Video site!  http://www.lifeofvids.com/