The 10 Minute Fix to Perfecting your Facebook Business Page

The 10 Minute Fix to Perfecting your Facebook Business Page -  BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

At some point in the past, you started a Facebook Business Page.  Maybe you did it yourself, maybe your employee did it.  Either is done.  Here is the killer question: Was it done well?  Are there elements that are missing that could be impacting your business?  Do you look as professional as you should?  

Have no fear!  I am going to give you a 3 quick fixes to make sure you are maximizing your pages potential.  Ready, Set, GO!

1. Vanity URL

Your Vanity URL is the name of your site in the Facebook web address (ex. AND it is also the tool used to tag your business in conversations (EX. I Love @BuzzHustle so much!).  If you are missing this important key, it is a super easy fix!  

On your main page, click on About.  Then Click Username.  A new box will pop up where you can enter your wonderful name.  If it gives you an error, pick another one because the one you want is taken.  

2. Cover Photo

Your Cover Photo is super important.  If you already have one, go to it and make sure it follows these rules.  If you do not have one, do this immediately!!!

Rule 1: Make sure all text fits in the box on both Desktop and Mobile.  In July, Facebook began rolling out a new business page format.  This made cover photos not display correctly.  Make sure yours does!  If your photo is getting cut off on the sides on mobile, try cropping it to 838px X 315px.  This should adjust correctly on both devices.

Once you get your Cover Photo Uploaded and looking awesome, click on it.  See that box to the right?  Fill it in with information about your business AND your contact information.  Small Change, BIG impact!

TIP: To make your Cover Photo have maximum impact, Use it to showcase something impactful about your business.  You do not have to use your logo or any words or you can make it nothing but text,  but you do need to showcase what is awesome about your business!  Here are a few good examples.

3. Profile Photo

Look up at the cover photo examples again.  Notice the profile photos on the left?  

The profile photo is a logo for a company and the person's face for a personal brand.  If you are a company, your logo should be simple, bold, and easy to read.  If you are a person, your photo should show your face clearly.  Remember that the profile photo is most often seen next to your posts and comments.  It is REALLY small!  Make sure you can see it well on any device!

Again, just like you did for the cover photo, click on your profile photo and add a sentence or two into the description box to the right.  Make sure you include a way to contact your company.

That's it! DONE!  

See that wasn't so bad, right?