FB for Small Business: Practical Uses

FB for Small Business: Practical Uses  - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

There are 50 Million Small Business Facebook Pages.

It is a part of opening a business these days.  

The problem comes after the setup.  

You may ask, “What do I post?”  “How often?”  “How do I make sure I am not bothersome to my customers?”


These are all real concerns and rightly so.  The thing that you must remember is that someone who likes your page wants to hear from you, if they don’t they will unlike you.  So, don’t worry about being an overposter (unless you post 10 times a day...that is too much!)


I want to share a few ideas with relevant examples for small business of various kinds to give a jumping off point for posting.  Obviously, these are just a few ways to use facebook, but hopefully it will spark a brainstorm for you!

  • Events - Holidays, Community Involvement, Special Occasions

    1. A restaurant could post details about a Kids Eat Free night.  Tell if there is a special element like a movie or balloon artist.  You could include the kids menu, so parents could already have in mind what to feed the kids.  You might add a photo of the drink specials for the parents too!  

    2. A pet bakery could show free treats offered on National Dog Day.  You could take pictures of pets as they come in and post them throughout the day.  If someone loves pets enough to shop at a pet bakery, you bet they love them enough to look at photos of them all day!

    3. During a community event, like a Farmer’s Market, near your place of business, you could post specials available just during the event.  Make an impression on the front of people's minds to come visit you while walking around the market.  The options here are endless: Freebies, samples, discounts, or highlight seasonal items.  


  • Product Features - Special Items, Tools, Services

    1. As the local coffee shop, people who frequent your shop will want to know about any new offerings or specials on favorites!  It's Fall?  Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING! Christmas time? Peppermint.  New Easter Basket shaped cookies? Post it!  

    2. Shipping stores can post seasonal shipping boxes.  Promote a box or envelope that is already festive.  People will make a special trip in just to use the packaging.  Special Edition postage can also be a good draw!  When the season is over, tell your customers about sale or clearance items so they can stock up for next year and you can clear inventory!

    3. A plumber could feature the tool she uses to pull a doll or toy car out of the toilet.  A comical but all too real post like this would get the attention of customers while letting them know you are friendly, efficient, and can get the job done.  The same kind of post could be make for any kind of home service.  Show the tools of the trade or special services offered that address issues that people may be embarrassed about.  It shows you are sympathetic to their needs, but also prepared for anything.


  • Content - Information, Tips, Guides, Checklists

    1. A great example of this is Lawn Care tips for every season.  If you are a lawn care company, you know that it is not the lack of knowledge that drives business to you, it is the lack of time.  So, show our knowledge by offering tips for caring for lawns, shrubs, or gardens.  When a lawn service is needed, your audience will remember your name because they trust your advice!

    2. How about a Gift Basket business showing how to tie pretty bows?  This could be a video or infographic with step by step instructions.  Like above, you will show your know-how and when your services are needed, you will be remembered as the expert in your niche.

    3. A bar or pub could offer fancy drink recipes.  Seasonal cocktails are always popular.  The truth is that people don’t always need or want to drink away from home, so provide good recipes they can use at a cocktail party to wow their friends.  Then when it is time for a night out on the town, they will come to you for the original recipe AND their friends will come to you for a taste test comparison!


  • Video - Pre Shot OR (even better) LIVE!

    1. Show behind the scenes of your bakery getting ready for the morning rush.  Show the hard working employees, the ovens firing up, the coffee being brewed.  Remind patrons of the hard work that goes into their morning routine and they will love you all the more for it!

    2. While setting up for your holiday celebration at your brewery/pub, show the decorations coming out, the band setting up, the glasses ready to be filled.  Build anticipation for the event, while simultaneously reminding your customers to come participate and informing those who did not have prior knowledge.  

    3. Interview the chef at your restaurant about the Valentine’s Day specials.  You will want to post the menu, pricing, reservation information also (see #1), but a video of the chef describing the food in his own words will add another level of interest.  It also puts a face to who is preparing the food which is missing in most restaurants!

    4. Interviews (or even short comments) from patrons in your store.  They could state a favorite product, talk about an employee they love to visit with, even do a mini advertisement.  When a customer compliments you on a job well done, just say “Thanks so much!  Would you mind saying that again on video?”  Most of the time, they will say yes!   


Hopefully, these suggestions have sparked a few ideas of your own.  If you need any more ideas or want to talk over some of the suggestions above, contact me.  I would love to discuss how your business could use facebook to connect with your customers!  You can email me at sarah@buzzhustle.com or reach me on Facebook!



Sarah Selvarengaraju