4 Perks of an Email Newsletter

Perks Of An Email Newsletter - BLOG Feature Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

1. You have a group of dedicated followers ready to hear what you have to say.

The customers who walk into your store or visit your online storefront want to hear from you.  They want to know when you are having a sale.  They want to know if you have a coupon they can use.  They want to know if you will be open late hours for the holidays.  Open communication with your customers is KEY to your success and their faithful patronage!


2. Allows you to reach your readers on a personal level – their inbox.

Personally, when I scroll through my social media feeds unless a really cute graphic catches my eye, I scroll on by.  However, when I get an email from someone I signed up to, I stop and read (at least the subject) to see what is going on.  Something that is so special to need an email is worth my time.  


3. Keeps your blog in front of their eyes and makes them aware of new content and new projects you are working on.

When sending out newsletter containing new blog content, you are adding value to the lives of your customers.  They may not catch your announcement or piece of advice in their social media feed, but it will be waiting for them in their email inbox.  


4. If you ever decide to sell a new product or service, you have an engaged audience ready to buy.

When you have a loyal following who already love your brand or store, they will be ready to buy anything you have to offer.  Coffee Shop who now offers donuts.  Etsy monogram shop who now sells custom decals.  Restaurant who now plays live music on weekends.  Your customers what to know and they will respond!!!