Feeling Lost In The Holiday Shuffle?

Holiday Marketing Tips - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

The rush of Thanksgiving family get togethers and the all night shopping excursion that comes after is over.

The kids are back in school. You are back to work. The house is getting in the Christmas spirit. But now what…?

It seems like the marketing push for before Thanksgiving is all encompassing…so hard and fast and absolute, that maybe you feel like you didn’t get your sale up and running like you wanted so…maybe you will get it together next year. That is NOT the truth.

Here’s the deal…the quality of your product or service should be the advertisement for the entire year, so take this time to show the fun, caring, or compassionate side of your business.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Host a cocoa and popcorn party in your store. Price of entry: A pair of socks or gloves for the local shelter.

  • Don’t have a physical location? Host an ‘Elf on the Shelf"‘ FB live party. Share ideas for hiding the family elf.

  • Hate the elf? Host a FB Live “That Damn Elf” party online with wine and the chance to vent frustrations.

  • Host a flash sale that donates a bag of dog food to the local animal shelter for ever $100 spent. Have patrons color in thier total on a huge white board to show thier contribution.

  • Team up with 2 or 3 other businesses and host a Family Movie Night.

  • Have a holiday Sip & Shop event. Mimosas and shopping sounds heavenly to me!

Use this opportunity to do the OPPOSITE of what others are doing! Sure, advertise your store/website/products…but also do a little something EXTRA to show you care and you are an active part of the local (or online) community.


5 Facebook Posting Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know

5 Facebook Posting Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know - Blog Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing


Ideas For Facebook business Pages other than making regular posts


Is your Facebook game feeling a bit stale? Keeping up with your Facebook Business page can be a chore. It seems like you are always doing the same thing and you want to make sure that your audience doesn't bored. Here are 5 tips for jazzing up your post content on Facebook.


1. Videos

March 2018 saw 12 million video views on Facebook. It is still king of the Facebook user experience. Use that momentum by making your own videos using Adobe Spark, Animoto, Ripl or any other video creation software. Even better, Go Live! Push the live button and show around your store, show a product, or talk to camera about your service. You can do anything you want to do! Remember, video is the number one way to reach your audience on Facebook, so you MUST use it often!


2. Offers

When you create an offer, it allows you to

  • put a the name of whatever is on sale

  • the discount or price

  • a time when it expires

  • a photo to catch interest

  • where people can redeem it in store or online

If they redeem it online, you can put a promo code that they can put in a check out to get the offer. You can also add terms and conditions. The best thing about an offer is that it will continue to remind anyone who saves the offer to go back and redeem it until the day it expires. Talk about a set it and forget it system!


3. Call/Message Now


The Call Now or Message Now post is super cool! You can create a post to say whatever you want to say then assign the call to action button to call or message now. So when someone pushes the 'Call Now' button, it will dial whatever phone number you have attached to your Facebook account. In the same way, if someone pushes the 'Message Now' button, it will immediately open up FB messenger and start a conversation with you! So if you’re looking for immediate contact with your audience, you can use this tool instead of writing a post directing to your website. As we know, there is a time and place for pushing web traffic but you can never beat one-on-one interactions. There is a BUT to this though...

If you’re not in a position to respond to calls or Facebook messages right away, you might not want to use this one. Plan ahead to where you know you will be avalible for at least an hour after you put up the post. The last thing you want is for people to get frustrated because you asked them to send a message or call, and you’re not answering!


4. Events

You can use events if:

  • you have an event in your store

  • you’re going to be at a public event

  • you’re having a sale for any amount of time

How do events work? People can mark interested or going and Facebook will remind those people about the event. Also, the event will show who has clicked, thus showing social proof, which means that your customers friends will will show up in the going list. Many times, the friends will see that thier friend is doing something and sign up. FOMO for the win!


5. Polls

The last tool is to create a poll. If there is one thing true about the internet, it is that people LOVE to tell you thier opinion on things! So, use that to your advantage. Ask something fun like 'What’s your favorite flavor of coffee?' or something related to your business like 'What product do they want to see on sale?' When you ask your audience to interact with you, they will respond! So the more you ask for your tribe’s opinion, the more conversation you’ll have on your page. And as we all know, more conversation means Facebook sees your page to more people.


Which idea stands out as something you may not have tried before?  Or have you tried one of the ideas on the list and had it work out like gangbusters?  Please Share!

Facebook Funnels: The Lead Magnet

Facebook Funnels: The Lead Magnet - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing
Lead Magnet (n) – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.
— DigitalMarketer.com

First things first, do you have a CRM/Mail Service?  We are talking MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Infusionsoft.  To be a serious lead generating machine, you will need to use an automated service.  Your AOL inbox WILL NOT DO!

Ok, so you have a mail service....let's keep going.

Step 1: Create A List

When someone opts into your lead magnet (explained in a minute), this is the place where the email address will be stored.  I typically make a different list for every lead I send, just so I can track where they are coming from and because my freebies (also explained in a minute) are super targeted to specific audiences.  To see a great video on how to do this through mail chimp, watch HERE.  

Create Your Freebie

Ok, the freebie is the actual magnet.  You are attracting the potential customer to you with an offer they can't refuse!

Lead Magnet

The main thing to remember is that you must give the prospect a reason to give you thier contact information.  In today's tech atmosphere, people are bombarded with so many emails, newsletters and offer advertisements that you have to be giving them something pretty impressive to get them to add one more email to their inbox. You can't just invite people to sign up for your list like you used to.  You have to WOW them with something of value in order to receive the coveted email address.

Here are a few tips for making sure that your lead magnet is OH YEAH! instead of Eh...nah.

  • Know your customer

    • Think about your Super Customer and their specific pain points

  • Brainstorm solutions to their pain

    • The best-performing lead magnets add great value to the customer receiving them while satisfying a need or solving a problem for customers.

  • Be Specific

    • Don't try to answer all of a customer's questions. Focus in on very specific questions. Instead of "Guide to Cooking," a lead magnet might be focused on "Guide to Cooking The Perfect Sirloin Steak," or "Guide to Amazing Brussels Sprouts." Each book discusses cooking, but the latter two are so specific that they will attract a very specific dietary preference to the list.


Create Form with URL Link

After you create the list and actual freebie, you will want to create an automated email that gives the person the content.  After they click 'Yes!  I want that awesome E-Book!', you need to have a form pop up that asks for the email.  You can do this through your mail service like this.  After you get the hang if it and you want to up your game, you can also use a paid service like LeadPages to collect the emails.

Create an Automated Welcome Email That Gives Content

The next step is to create an email that will send the freebie.  Say thank you.  Give the Gift.  Mention where to get more cool stuff/info.  Thanks it.  No frills, NO SELLING!  To help you decide what type of welcome email will work best for your business, I have created a cheat sheet of Killer Welcome Emails.

NEXT STEP: Create Web Conversion Ad using URL Link as website

The last step is the KICKER!  You need to promote your Bomb-Diggity Freebie on Facebook with an Ad.  Of course, you will post this offer in a dozen ways on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or wherever else you typically share your business information.  However, this will push your offer out to a new audience who is SUPER targeted for you.  I will be doing a DEEP DIVE into how to create an amazingly effective Facebook Ad in my blog next week.  In the meantime, work on your freebie and email....and stay tuned!


Facebook Funnels: The Growth

Facebook Funnels: The Growth - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

In my last post, you learned about writing a blog.  After you have started to create content and post it to your website and share on your social media channels (we are focusing on Facebook for this series), it is time to start growing your audience.

This is where you will run your first Facebook ad.   In the early days of Facebook, businesses 'bought likes' to raise thier numbers.  That practice has been proven to be a horrible idea.  You want to attract people to your page who want to be there.  The more active your followers are on your page (likes, comments, shares), the more people will see your content for FREE!  So, you need to run an ad directly to those who will be most likely to love you.  Lucky for you, Facebook makes it super easy to dial in on your super customer

Why do "Like Ads" work?

They work for many reasons. But mainly it's because:

  • they have great social proof -- ie. they show pages your friends have Liked.

  • they're the easiest ads to set up -- and tend to be the least expensive

  • they get your page instant exposure to new fans

I suggest that you use 10% of Facebook Ads Budget to run a 'Like' campaign.  It will be a constant, low cost ad just like you may be using for your local newspaper.

How To Create A 'Like' Ad

Step 1: Go to Your page

The easiest step of all! Just head to the page you want to run a "Like Ad" for.


Step 2: Look at the bottom of your left column

At the very bottom of the left column, you will see a blue promote button like this:


Once you click, you will choose Promote Your Page


Step 3: Choose Text and Image

The Text and Image will be automatically filled in for you based on your cover photo and the text in the About section of your page.  Click on the pencil icon to edit this part.  


HINT: Keep the cover image the same. You want the ad and the cover image to match! Change the text or description to tell what your customers can expect from your page.

Step 4: Choose Your Audience

Remember your Super Customer?  This is where they come in for the promotion part.  

Select Audience criteria PLUS Details.


Gender, Age, Location

Detailed Targeting:

 Products they use, TV Shows they watch, Activities, People they follow, Places they shop

HINT: You can also exclude people who do not fit into your super customer profile.


Step 5: Budget & Duration

Depending on your page size, you will see different amounts to spend per day to promote your page. Decide what amount is best for your budget and how long you would like to run the ad.

I'd recommend starting with a smaller amount and 7 days first to test the ad -- and then you can increase it later.  Also, if you have not ever run an ad before, you will need to input payment information.


Step 6: Click "Promote"

Once you're satisfied with the ad setup, hit the "Promote" button.

What will the Ads Look Like?

Once you start an ad like this, Facebook actually creates 3 sample ads for you:

  1. Sample ad for laptop/desktop users -- to appear in the right column for users on laptop/desktop computers

  2. Sample ad for mobile device users -- these first 2 ads will look similar to the image below

  3. Sample "Sponsored Story" ad -- shown in the News Feed. This could show up on desktops or on mobile devices.



I used my page for the examples above, and if you need a visual here is a video of me navigating from start to finish.

Facebook Funnels: The Blog

Facebook Funnels: The Blog - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

Need An Idea Boost?  Click Here to get the


to help you get started!

When blogging, you will need to write, video, or record audio.  You can only do one of these things, or mix it up.  It is really whatever you are comfortable with.  If you have employees, have them write/record one thing a month.  This will give fresh perspectives and (better yet) you will not have to do all of the work!

Here are a few tips to get you started on the right path.  


Knowing who you are writing to will make blogging SO MUCH EASIER!  The truth is, you will not appeal to everyone.  So DON'T TRY!  It will just wear you out and your voice will be lost.  Focus in on the people who you want to buy from you and go with it.  If you have not fully identified and focused in on your super customer (or ideal customer avatar), refer to this “Finding Your Brand Superfan” post and then come back here.  Any time spent before doing this kind of exercise will be time wasted and money spent that you will not see a return on.  It takes time and it is tedious, but it is essential and you will thank me later.  


Start with Why?  Why do you want to share your knowledge?  Why is your point of view different?  Why will people be interested in what you have to say?  Why are you picking this particular subject?

If you want a successful blog that will educate and build confidence that you are a person to be trusted, you need to speak from a particular point of view.  For example, if you are in life insurance sells, you need to share your experiences that lead you down this path.  Share stories from your clients and how having that insurance policy helped them.  Don’t just spout stats or regurgitate others you have found online.  Speak to YOUR customers in YOUR voice.  Tell them all of the things that you would share if you were on the phone with them.  Your business practices, who you are and where you are from, why you are in the field you are in, the process of working with you, the process of buying whatever you are selling, the advantages of one product over another, etc.  



It is so important to read, study, and learn about blogging, writing, building a brand, building a site, using the elements of your website.  You can have the best stories and amazing advice, but if you do not proofread….no one will read it.  If you can’t make graphics to go on social media for attention grabbing, no one will know to come read your content.  If you have no opt-in, you will not know who is reading your stuff or how to get them coming back.  It is important to educate yourself.  If you don’t feel like you have time for the learning curve that comes with putting yourself out there, hire a professional.  You write the content and then pay someone to do all of the other “get it out there” type work.  I know of a great boutique digital marketing agency who can help you out with that.  



Connecting with other bloggers, either in your niche or just in general, is super valuable.  Here are some of the awesome benefits of blogging communities:

  • Helps you to meet and build a relationship with other bloggers: This is one of the best benefits of joining blogging communities. You get to meet new faces and bloggers every day.

  • Share your post: you can share your recent post to the community and get traffic.

  • Can engage and share each other’s stuff: we can help each other to explore our blogs by sharing

  • Drive massive traffic to your blog: if you get some up-votes to your submitted post, you can get massive from these blogging communities, the key is to stay active in these communities.

  • Get new trends: since people are sharing their latest posts, you’ll get insights on new trends and ideas. This will help you to improve your blogging knowledge.

Go to Google.  Type in “Whatever your industry is Blog” and you will find others to connect with.

Need An Idea Boost?  Click Here to get the 5 TOP PRODUCING BLOG POST TOPICS!


If you currently have a blog or you read this and make one, please post a link in the comments so we can follow you.

Of course, you can always email me at Sarah@BuzzHustle.com or find me online on any of these social media platforms:  

The 5 Step Facebook Funnel Technique That You Need To Know

The 5 Step Facebook Funnel Technique That You Need To Know - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

Did you know that the average web conversion on a cold audience is 1-3%?  Running ads to traffic who have never heard of you is not a sound strategy.  To avoid wasting money and time, you need to be driving your future customers through a planned out funnel.  Let me explain.

Scenario 1:

You create a Facebook ad to:

  • Ages 30 to 50

  • People who are interested in real estate investing.

These people have never heard from you before.  They've never heard of your company and they may or may not actually have an interest in real estate investing.  They may have just liked the page of a friend who made an investing page for support.  You're paying a cost per lead of about $5 because for every 300 people that this ad passes by only one want to see more.


Scenario 2:

You create a Facebook ad that targets people who are members of your page.  You have been talking to them on Facebook.  You have been sending them emails.  You have given them multiple resources to use to improve their real estate investing returns.  Now, you're asking them to contact you to become an actual investor in your firm and invest in your actual properties.  Now, you are marketing to a warm audience.  People that know you, trust you, like you, have stuck around for the long-haul are likely to invest.  See the difference?  The best part?  That 1-3% from earlier….is now 48%.  That $5 cost per lead is now $1.43.

I don't think I have to tell you which one is the better more cost-effective option.  So, your next question should be: How do I do this funnel thing?

I'm writing a multi-part blog series about this.  I'm going to give you the overview here real quick and then go deep into each step in the next few weeks so you can piece it together in the best way for your industry.  



Step 1: The Blog

Write (or record) a blog weekly (or bi-weekly).  

Post your blog posts to your Facebook. (And any other social media you are on)

Ask for thoughts, opinions, and suggestions to the post.



Step 2: The Growth

Create a page likes ad for Facebook to grow your page with people who see that you are an expert in your field.

Continue writing and growing your page for 2 months minimum.  


Step 3: The Lead Magnet

Create a free ebook/slide share/ video consolidating all of the information from the blog posts you have written.  No need to reinvent the wheel.


Step 4: The Giveaway

Run a Facebook Ad to your page offering this free resource to your followers.  They give an email address, you give the book.  

Follow up with an email 2-3 weeks in a row with more free resources, checklists, links, tips & tricks


Step 5: The Ask

At this point, you ask for the free consultation/contact/etc.  You have provided what they need to know, how the process works, why you are the best person to trust, and they feel like they know you.  You will convert LIKE CRAZY.




Does this take time? Yes.  This is a long game.

Is this a quick sale and more on strategy? No.  If you are interested in a quick sale, this is not the method for you.  

Will these people follow you for years? Yes!  These will be your people and they will follow you where you go.  If you leave the real estate business and open a hot dog shop, these are the people who will come eat hot dogs on opening day.  


To Learn More About Facebook Advertising or to learn more about how BuzzHustle can help bring your business more leads, contact us on any of these channels:

How to Connect Your Brand With Your Audience's Needs

How to Connect Your Brand With Your Audience's Needs - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

In this post,  I want to show you how to get in front of your customers in an authentic way!

NOTE: Each piece of this story building technique is a blog post, video, photo, quote, social media post, etc….




First, I need to address the elephant in the room.


I 100% recommend that you have a blog.  This is where your customers get to know you.  Store Front, Home Sales, Service based business…It doesn’t matter, you NEED IT!

Call it News, Updates, ‘What’s Happening’….it’s a blog. 

Use a free resource until you can afford a legit platform

No Website?  Buy a Landing Page. Direct your landing page to your blogging site.

Optimally, get a website and a blog set up before you open your doors.  If you are already open, don't sweat, just get it done.  NOW!

Ok, now that is out of the way....


When I use the term story, I am not referring to YOUR story.  Yes, you have a story about your business, how you got started, when you opened and all that.  Your story DOES need to be told, I am just not referring to that right now.   Also, I have included a worksheet HERE if you would like to download it and take notes as you work through this process.  


If you hate reading, watch the video below!


So, to connect with your audience you need to tell your customers a story about themselves and show them how they can help themselves by using your product/service.  You need to truly care about what ails them.  Be the all knowing mentor who the are waiting for to better thier lives.  

Step #1: Define what the customer wants in life

This might be a:

  • Physical Need - Hair Removal, Food, Shelter

  • Mental Need - Knowledge, Edge over competition

But if you really break it down, everything you sell comes back to an Emotional Need.  Look at it this way.

  • Hair Removal - Improved Self Esteem

  • Food - Social Acceptance or Emotional Comfort

  • Shelter - Security

  • Knowledge - Self Esteem or Self Improvement

  • Edge over competition - Security, Self Esteem, Admiration of others

You see what I mean.  Figure out the ONE thing that your customer wants more than ANYTHING in the whole world, as it relates to what you are selling.

For this blog, I am going pretend that I own a Rustic Furniture Company.  My customer (a female) will buy a new piece of furniture for thier home from me.  What ONE thing does the customer want?  She wants to be tied to her roots.  She wants to buy something that brings her back to a simpler time in history when homes were centers of activity for the family, not just holding places for eating and sleeping.

Step # 2: Address the problem that is getting in the way.

You have identified what your customer REALLY wants.  Now you need to pinpoint why she doesn't have it.  Look at it from three different angles.  

  • Outside - From the outside, what appears to be the problem?

  • Inside - When you really get down to it, what is the real problem?

  • Fundamentally - When you break it down even farther, to a level that even the customer might now realize for themselves, what is the REAL problem?

This may seem confusing, so let me use our furniture story example to elaborate.  On the outside, the problem might be that the customer doesn't know where to even find the piece of furniture that she wants.  Let's say that she sees a beautiful rustic dining table in a magazine.  The first thought in her mind is that she loves it but hasn't the slightest idea where to get something like that.  It must be custom made.  Which leads us to the Inside problem....

On the inside, she is telling herself that the custom piece must cost a fortune.  Then maybe she starts telling herself that she doesn't even like that kind of table anyway OR that the table she saw at Rooms to Go was ok enough.  Which brings us to the fundamental problem...

Fundamentally Deep DEEP down, she doesn't want to ask her spouse to buy the table.  She knows it would be a stretch to afford with the kids activities and the vacation coming up, another table would DO just fine.  She doesn't NEED a fancy, custom table.  What she is saying (and she doesn't even realize it) is that what she wants is not as important as what the other people in her family want.

You see how that works?  Whoa!  Right?

So, now that we know what the problem is we need to figure out how to solve thier problem, right?  



Step # 3: Be the problem solving helper

As a business, you need to approach your customer as someone who truly wants to meet thier needs, not just someone who wants to sell them something.  You want to empower them to make a good decision for themselves.  You do this in two ways: 

  • Show Empathy

    • Understand what they are going through. Genuine interest in thier lives will go a LONG way in fostering trust and likability

  • Show Authority

    • Be the expert that they can turn to, even when they are not buying anything...especially when they are not buying anything.

Back to our furniture buyer,  she wants the dining table from the magazine.  To establish empathy, your blog posts on your site can be about

  • How a piece of furniture can bring a family together

  • A memory piece about your Grandma's Table at holiday time

  • How your pieces can be passed on as family heirlooms

Then add in the Authority with posts like: 

  • Why Custom Work Costs More

  • The variables that go into custom work

  • What is the difference between custom and semi custom work

Notice how you are connecting with the things that she worries about and answering those worries with your writing/videos.  Now that she feels like you understand what she wants AND she feels more confident in making a decision about the purchase, show your what to do next.

Step #4: Map it out: step by step

This is where your advertising comes in.  It doesn't have to be straight to consumer (Newspaper, Magazine, TV, Social Media) but it can be.

You need to:

  • Address what they need

    • The piece of furniture before Thanksgiving

  • Set up a plan

    • The process for ordering a custom or semi custom pieces. The more knowledgeable the customer feels, the more likely she is to stop dreaming and make a move to buy.

  • Execute in an affordable way

    • This does not mean to sell for less than something is worth, especially if you own a service based business. I means to lay out any financing, payment plans, return policies, or anything else that is important to the buying process. Lay it out where your customer can see it, ask questions about it, and feel like they are in charge of the transaction. No Pressure to buy = Less buyer's remorse!

Ok, so your customer knows everything there is to know.  They know what they they want.  They know why they want it.  They know how to get it.  Now, after all of the due diligence, is the time to make the move to sell.

Step #5: Call them to Action

Show them what the outcomes will be if they DO or DO NOT buy your product/service.  Call them to action by asking questions. 

With Your Product/Service:

  • Don't you just love this table?

  • How beautiful would this look with your Grandma's Christmas Centerpiece?

  • We love the red, white, and blue against this hand scraped pine. Don't you?

Without Your Product/Service:

  • Do your holiday's look like this? They don't have to.

  • Why assign the kids to another table at Thanksgiving? Bring the Family together.

  • No room for the newest member of the family? We can help!


Well, that's it folks.  I hope you have learned something new today.  I wish for your business is to Grow and Grow and Grow until you are forced to sell it all and live on a tropical island or snowy mountain cabin, You pick! :)

Please reach out with any questions or comments at my EMail: Sarah@BuzzHustle.com OR connect with my online on Facebook: @BuzzHustle or Twitter: @Buzz_Hustle.


If you didn't get it before, please get your worksheet HERE.  Work through this blog post with your most profitable product/service.  It will change the way you look your customer base, I promise you!

Social Media Is The Word of Mouth Of Today

Social Media Is The Word of Mouth Of Today - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing
“Word-of-mouth marketing is the best form of free promotion”
— Bernard Kelvin Clive

This is the introduction to a blog series I am writing/videoing called 'Getting the Word Out.'  It is based on a class I taught last year to local business owners.  

I know that being a business owner is tough and time-consuming.  There are no official holidays or worry free weekends.  You are in your business all the time, even when you are not there.  With this in mind, I wanted to share some of the ways you can tell the story of your business, connect with your customer base, and grow your business in a simple effective way.  

The series will include:

  • How to Create Quality Content

  • Tactics to get your brand seen (aka Product Placement)

  • The When’s and How’s of Posting

  • Tagging and Sharing Strategy

It is not about sales and gimmicks.  It is about connecting with your customer like the shop owner of years gone by.  Get to know them, let them get to know you, truly care about them, and they will pay you with loyalty.  We are coming out of the age of cheapest is best.  Today's consumer wants quality and uniqueness.  They want to tell the story of the super nice insurance agent with the cute twins or the sweet candy shop owner with the parrot.  The reality of today is that in addition to telling their friends the next time they see them, they will tell everyone they kind of know on social media right then...with a picture.  It is word of mouth advertising on steroids.  It is our new reality!

5 Simple Habits for Social Media Success

5 Simple Habits for Social Media Success - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

Social Media can be hard to handle.  What do I say?  How often should I post?  What platforms should I be on?  Slow down, breathe, and start with these 5 simple steps.  The rest will come with time!

  1. Use the platform that works for you

    If you sell something beautiful, you should be on Instagram. If you create services that should be shared, be on Facebook. If you sell to other businesses, build your LinkedIn network. “But the pros say I should be on….” Who cares what everyone else is doing? Do what works for your brand and your audience. Step outside your comfort zone to try new things for 90 days at a time. If you are not gaining momentum or you find it hard to connect with, leave it. You may be saying, “But everyone else is doing XYZ”...Don’t cause yourself more stress. Just do you!

  2. Be predictable

    If you post on Monday mornings with a weekend debriefing, your customers will come to expect it from you and even look for it. The one time you miss, they will call you out. Building trust and relationship takes time and effort. You want those who buy from you to be your biggest advertisement. It costs 5x more to acquire new customers than to retain current ones. Plan time to interact with your customers on a regular basis. It doesn’t need to be every day. Pick a pattern that works for you and run with it.

  3. Be unpredictable

    While it is true that you should build a rapport with your customers to where they know what to expect, you also need to have a few surprises in your pocket. If you usually post tips or quotes, pop on with a live video every once in awhile. If you typically post sale items using a picture, use creative wording in a graphic instead. Do something out of the ordinary every 2-3 months to catch your audience off guard. They will love you for it.

  4. Tell Your Story

    Social Media will not work for you if you are doing it to sell. I am sorry, but it is the truth. People can smell a sales pitch a mile away. If the only thing you post on your social accounts is what you want them to buy, you will have a flat social media presence. No eye-catching graphics or fancy videos will fix that. You need to create a feeling around your product/service. Tell your audience why you are in the business you are in. 98% of the time, there is a beautiful story with great intentions. Convey that! People follow ideas, causes, stories...not products. The products are the result of the story. Show personality and be vulnerable. That is what is important to those who will buy from you.

  5. Keep Your Chin Up

    Most social media marketing doesn’t directly tie to dollars. It can seem like you are doing all this work for nothing. The ROI is invisible, what is the use? DON’T THINK LIKE THAT! It takes time and effort to build a business, and sometimes a business doesn’t turn a profit for years. Then one day, BAM! It clicks or something strikes a chord with customers and you are an ‘overnight success’ that has been in business for 10 years. Social media is very similar. It will take time to build a following of a true community, but when you do, they will follow you anywhere and buy pretty much anything from you. Build the relationships and do the work, the payoff will come. Trust the process!

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Holiday Social Media Campaigns

Holiday Social Media Campaigns - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

 It is November 1st.  The holiday season is now in full swing.  Are you ready?  

I have put together a simple list of questions to ask yourself regarding your Business' social media activities during the holidays.  

1. Do you know EXACTLY who you are targeting? 

FACT: If your plan for marketing during this Holiday season is to cast a wide net and hope for the best...think again!  Research has proven that the wide net strategy DOES NOT WORK!  Focus in on your ideal customer, market to them, make them feel like you are speaking directly to them, and they will respond.  

2. Do you know what your Ideal Customer WANTS?  Do you know WHY they want it?  

FACT:  Customers do not buy products.  Customers buy solutions.  You need to address the problem the customer faces, show why your product or service is the answer, and let them know how to get it.  I know I am oversimplifying a bit, but you get my point.  Your social media marketing is NOT about what you sell, it is about the need you fill.  

3.  What Imagery and Copy (graphics, photos, language, font style, etc) appeals to your ideal customer the most?   

FACT: Just because it is winter, doesn't mean you need to break out the snow scenes.  Some customers will love a good 'flip flops in December' joke.  Some will want flowery, scripty quotes.  Some will love a video of your employees singing carols in ugly sweaters.  Be sure to speak to your audience in the way they respond to.  Your message (and profits) will benefit from a little extra thought being put in!

4. How are you planning to target your current customers?

FACT:  Repeat Customers are the key to your business!  If you sell a product, create a special advertising push to those who have already proven that they like your stuff.  If you sell a service, cater to those who love what you do and want to experience it again.  If you are in a business that isn't 'repeat' friendly, remind your customers why they like you and offer a benefit for referring you.  To ignore your warm market is to invite everyone but your best friend to your party.  Don't do it!


So, there you have it.  A few things to think about before putting anything online to promote your holiday specials.  If you would like help brainstorming these questions and working on strategy, set up a consultation with me.  I would love to help make the 4th Quarter of 2016 your most profitable!  

Contact me on any of these platforms.

The 10 Minute Fix to Perfecting your Facebook Business Page

The 10 Minute Fix to Perfecting your Facebook Business Page -  BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

At some point in the past, you started a Facebook Business Page.  Maybe you did it yourself, maybe your employee did it.  Either way...it is done.  Here is the killer question: Was it done well?  Are there elements that are missing that could be impacting your business?  Do you look as professional as you should?  

Have no fear!  I am going to give you a 3 quick fixes to make sure you are maximizing your pages potential.  Ready, Set, GO!

1. Vanity URL

Your Vanity URL is the name of your site in the Facebook web address (ex. Facebook.com/BuzzHustle) AND it is also the tool used to tag your business in conversations (EX. I Love @BuzzHustle so much!).  If you are missing this important key, it is a super easy fix!  

On your main page, click on About.  Then Click Username.  A new box will pop up where you can enter your wonderful name.  If it gives you an error, pick another one because the one you want is taken.  

2. Cover Photo

Your Cover Photo is super important.  If you already have one, go to it and make sure it follows these rules.  If you do not have one, do this immediately!!!

Rule 1: Make sure all text fits in the box on both Desktop and Mobile.  In July, Facebook began rolling out a new business page format.  This made cover photos not display correctly.  Make sure yours does!  If your photo is getting cut off on the sides on mobile, try cropping it to 838px X 315px.  This should adjust correctly on both devices.

Once you get your Cover Photo Uploaded and looking awesome, click on it.  See that box to the right?  Fill it in with information about your business AND your contact information.  Small Change, BIG impact!

TIP: To make your Cover Photo have maximum impact, Use it to showcase something impactful about your business.  You do not have to use your logo or any words or you can make it nothing but text,  but you do need to showcase what is awesome about your business!  Here are a few good examples.

3. Profile Photo

Look up at the cover photo examples again.  Notice the profile photos on the left?  

The profile photo is a logo for a company and the person's face for a personal brand.  If you are a company, your logo should be simple, bold, and easy to read.  If you are a person, your photo should show your face clearly.  Remember that the profile photo is most often seen next to your posts and comments.  It is REALLY small!  Make sure you can see it well on any device!

Again, just like you did for the cover photo, click on your profile photo and add a sentence or two into the description box to the right.  Make sure you include a way to contact your company.

That's it! DONE!  

See that wasn't so bad, right?


How to Find your Brand Super Fan

how to find your ideal customer avatar - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

Avatar.  Ideal Customer. Perfect Client.

Defining who your product or service is for seems like a no-brainer.  I sell life insurance to families.  I teach music to children.  I make environmentally friendly soaps for people who avoid lauryl sulfate.

But it is not that easy.

You also need to pinpoint motivations.  Internal conflicts that generate the desire within to buy one product over another.  Psychological triggers that fire within your customer’s inner thoughts.

I am going to outline a system for you for identifying your business soulmate.  If I were you, I would consider doing this process for every major product or service you offer…eventually.  Baby steps for now though, start by creating one for your biggest priced item/product line/service.

Step 1: Nail Down Your Demographics

Details such as age, gender, location, income, and education will help you get a sense of who will be buying.  Adding in more in-depth information like Industry, Job Title, Marital Status, and children will further define the motivations for needing to invest in a product or service.
For example, if I were a gym for young males, I would develop an entirely different online strategy than if I were a gym for middle-aged women.  My copy would have a different voice, my graphics would have a different feel, and the content shared would focus in different areas.

Say that I was, in fact, a gym owner.  My gym focuses on women ages 25-45 in a suburb of Dallas.  The women are likely moms and are budget conscious.  They need quick workouts with a punch of fun.  The gym offers early morning and late night classes for working moms, as well as mid-day offerings.  


Step 2: Explore the Psychographics of your customer

Once you have a good feel for the demographics of your audience, start to dig a little deeper.  This should take you several days or even weeks.  It is something that you may keep coming back to as your business evolves and finds its place in the market.  
Psychographics include details such as characteristics, hobbies, and sources of trusted information.  Then, move a little deeper with what worries and fears keep them up at night.  Consider what the biggest challenge that they face in life is and also what the perfect solution to that problem might be.  Last, spend time thinking about what the secret motivation behind the customer's actions might be.  Keeping these things in mind, let’s fill our gym idea out a little further.  

The ideal mom customer knows that keeping her body active increases her energy level, but can’t always find the motivation to get up early or leave the house late.  She wants to be attractive for her partner, but it is more important to feel good about herself.  She doesn’t have time for hobbies past crafting for the kid’s school projects and drinking wine.  She depends on word of mouth referrals more than on any advertisement or trend.  She trusts her circle of friends and their advice above anything else.  She fears becoming old and being like her mother or grandmother.  She wants to stay active and mobile well into her 80s.  She also fears that she sets a bad example for her children if she doesn’t put a priority on healthy eating and exercise.  However, she doesn’t want to take time away from her already short time with her children.  Her challenges include finding time to get her brows waxed, balancing the family budget, and not falling asleep while listening to her kids read at bedtime.  The best thing in her life would be a gym that made her WANT to go.  A place to gather with her girlfriends, workout, and stay fit and not spend all day.  She wants to walk in, do her thing, and walk out feeling like queen of the world.  Deep down, on the inside, she wants to be the one on Instagram that all the other mom’s wish they were.  She wants to feel like she has it all together.

WHOA…right?  Are you already thinking about how you could market to this woman?  How you could structure your posts, offers, ads, and content?

Let’s go one step further!

Step Three: Assign a name and a face

The last step is helpful in really getting a vision for who you are speaking to.  The picture in your head (or even better a real picture you find to represent your in-brain image) will give you great guidance when decided what things to do further down the road.  Ask yourself what kinds of clothes the customer wears, how they style their hair, and what shoes they wear during various activities.  Also, think about what their name will be.  It is important that they have a name, you will learn why in a minute!  
You could even take it further (as far as you want, really) by naming pets if they have them.  Kids if they have them.  Describing their partner or spouse.  Another key to relating to your ideal is assessing the vocabulary they use.  What are the 5 most used words in their vocabulary?  You do not necessarily have to use these words in your marketing, but the attitude behind them should be there.  Last, who are their role models?  Intentional or unintentional?  An intentional role model might be Beyoncé.  They love them, they want to be them, etc.  An unintentional role model might be the PTO president or the most popular girl from high school.  They don’t purposely choose them to look up to and compare themselves to, but they did it all the same.

Ok, let’s finish up our gym lady example.  

Her name is Suzy.  Her husband is a high school football coach.  She works part time as an insurance customer service representative.  When going to the gym, she wears activewear from Old Navy or Target.  She has one Lululemon tank top that she wears more often than she should.  She has a low maintenance hair cut that is trimmed every 3 months.  No highlights.  She mostly wears a ponytail or messy bun, except for Sunday Church or rare date nights.  She has 2 kids, age 7 and 4.  She shuttles them to school, dance, soccer, church kid’s activities, and playdates.  She loves Netflix binges and has no idea what comes on real TV.  She is in love with Fixer Upper and wonders how Joanna Gaines does it all.  She knows she says Shit too often in front of the kids, but feels silly saying Shoot.  She also says ‘like’ and ‘um’ more than she’d like but can’t seem to stop herself.  She lives for wine on the couch at night.

Now, here is where the magic happens….

When you are creating a graphic for a Facebook ad, you ask yourself “What would Suzy think about this?”  If she wouldn’t relate, then you redo it.  If she would love it, then you keep it.  
If you are writing a blog post about 5 perks of lifting heavy, you write it TO Suzy.  You keep her in mind the entire time, THEN at the end, make your call to action directly to her.  How is she most likely to respond?  What does she want you to provide her in order to elicit her email address?  What headline is going to catch her eye?

You see, the work upfront to create this persona is a bit intense but you HAVE TO DO IT. It makes everything from this point on SO EASY!!!

NOW! A freebie for you! ;)  

A worksheet where you can fill in all of your key customer’s information and even a place to draw or paste a picture!  I encourage you to put this up in your workspace or on your computer’s desktop.  Always have this person in mind.  ALWAYS!

Time is Money: The Plight of the DIY Business Owner

Time is Money: The Plight of the DIY Business Owner - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

You will never 'find' time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. - Charles Bruxton

We, business owners, are a tough bunch.  We want to do everything ourselves.  We want to have our hands in every pie.  The only way to know that things are getting done right is to do it ourselves, right?  Sound Familiar?

That philosophy sounds all too familiar to me!  I am bookkeeper, secretary, graphic designer, marketing dept, janitorial services, and anything else you can think of.  I am a solo social media generating machine.  Slowly, I am learning the important lesson that I can't do everything.  My business is actually better off if I resist the urge to do everything.  Getting outside eyes looking at my branding, copy, videos and course presentations helps keep things fresh!  

I know it can be scary letting go of the reins, so I suggest giving up one small thing that annoys you the most first.  For me, it is proofreading copy.  I hate going back and making sure everything makes sense with grammar and punctuation.  Pssst....guess what?  I didn't outsource this to a person.  I did it with an online program called Grammerly. Easy Peasy!  

So...now your turn!  What are you going to let go of first?  

Tweet your answers to me: @buzz_hustle

Spotlight on Coworking: Is it for you?

Spotlight on Coworking: Is it for you? - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

Six months ago, I decided to transform my 'mommy needs to lose a few pounds' weight loss blog into a social media helper service.  I honestly didn't think it would take off like it did.  I just wanted to help the mom and pop restaurant down the street get those good reviews on facebook up and maybe get a menu online.  It didn't take me long to realize that LOTS of people needed my help.  

While the kids were at school and I was slaving away at the kitchen table, things kept jumping out at me.  Dishes screaming "WASH ME!" Toys begging to be picked up.  The nagging thought of the laundry needing be in the wash while I typed away.  After about a month of this, I told my ever supportive husband that I needed to get out of the house!  He was like, 'Yeah?  Take your laptop to Starbucks or something.'  So, I did.  


The first day, I sat facing the windows.  Bad idea!  I was distracted by every Tom, Dick, and Barbara who walked through the door.  Day two was better.  I sat with my back to the door with my music on.  I got a bunch done, but I felt like I should be buying more coffee as my first cup emptied.  What is the coffee-to-time ratio?  Are they watching how long I stay?  What if I become the annoying freeloader?  So, I bought another coffee.  I went home and told my husband about my day.  His advice, "If you are going to pay $10 a day to work, you might as well rent an office."  Good Point, Hun.

So, that night I started to research workspaces for rent in the area.  I came across a place right up the street called ScribbleSpace.  They had cubicles for rent, as well as a shared coworking space.  The pictures made it look so....COOL!  Mind you, I am 30-something...a millennial by the skin of my teeth.  The thought of working at a hip place appealed to me.  (I understand that saying the word hip in fact makes me not hip.)  So, the next day I went to check it out.

I pulled into the cul-de-dac at the end of the street and walked up.  It's orange umbrella table instantly gave it a sense of energy.  The door and windows were plastered with upcoming event flyers.  As I walked in the door, there was a cool dividing wall/art piece.  I checked in with the lady at the front window who gave me a free pass for the day.  

The room was empty.  Bummer.  I was looking forward to a dozen worker bees with earbuds jamming invisible music.  There was a counter on the right with really tall office chairs.  To the left were 2 conference rooms and an old fashioned phone booth.  I found out later that this is a soundproof booth for phone calls.  Cool!  

In the middle of the room was a floor to ceiling while column with tables all the way around.  Each place setting had dividers on either side.  I picked a chair at the center table, unpacked my things, and settled in.  Before I knew it, my phone was buzzing at me and my husband was asking how my day had gone.  

Wait, What?!?  What time is it?  Oh Crap, the kids!!!!!

Yeah, I had gotten in the zone and lost track of time.  I rushed off, picked up the kids, and started thinking about what had happened.  The work environment was so peaceful, distraction-free, and easy going that getting work done was easy!  The only problem...Where were the people?

I have been a member of this coworking space for going on 5 months now and I think I have figured out the answer.  With the exception of 2-3 regulars, people don't think it is worth the membership fee to come in.  They think they can go to the local bakery or coffee shop and save money.  If you go every day but order nothing that could be true.  However, if you want to be a good patron and earn the approval of the baristas, you need to make a purchase.  It is just the way of things.  They are unknowingly nickel and diming themselves beyond the coworking membership fee! Also, free wifi and a cup of coffee seem like a fancy idea.  I thought so too at first.  However, if you need concentrated time with no distractions to get stuff done, the coffee shop might not be for you.  If you are like me, when I leave my morning work session, I don't get to return to my laptop again until after 9 PM (aka kiddie bedtime).  I need to optimize work time!  Also, they don't know the peace that comes with a soundproof booth, pristine bathroom, and tribe of other home dwellers.  I love my coworking space.  I wouldn't go back to coffee shop working for anything!


I Want To Be Your Social Media BFF

I Want To Be Your Social Media BFF - BLOG Featured Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

The most frequently asked question I get from small businesses I encounter is 'What exactly do you do?'  

The short answer:

I make your company look good online.


The long answer:

I make sure your customers know how to contact you.

I tell them about sales and offers.

I convey your brand and culture.

I appeal to new customers and engage loyal ones.

I build rapport with your followers so they will, in turn, evangelize your products.

I stay on top of trends and changes in social media.

I make sure the path from your social media page to your cash register is a smooth one.

I build turn angry complainers into satisfied customers.

I write your words, create your pictures, tell your story, and promote your brand...in your voice....while you do what you do best - YOUR BUSINESS!

I want to be your Social Media BFF!

Drop me a line on your favorite platform!





7 Alternatives to Giving Your First Born for Stock Photos

7 Alternatives for Stock Photos - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

You are writing a great piece.

You find a perfect photo.  

You look at the price and....


This happens WAY too often to me.  I bang out an awesome post for myself or a client only to find out that the amazing picture I wanted to use will cost my entire coffee budget for the week.  As a solo business owner, a high priced photo can be the kiss of death to an otherwise productive day.  What do I do now?  Go pull one from Canva?  Sure, those are a little overused and unoriginal, but they only cost a dollar.  Right?

I recently stumbled upon an article about photographers who are posting their photos for free use.  Sure, some of the sites have ads but who doesn't these days.  I have found the photos on these sites to be more quirky, raw, and in most cases PERFECT!  I am posting the links to the amazing sites while also posting my favorite coffee related photo (My Obsession!) from that particular site.  ENJOY!

NOTE: Please read the rules of each site as they may have changed from the date of this post to the date you read it, but as of now, all photos on these sites are free of cost and restriction of use.  



BONUS!  A Royalty Free Video site!  http://www.lifeofvids.com/

What is a Social Media Manager?

What is a Social Media Manager? - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing


When someone asks me what I do and I reply, “I own a Social Media Managing business.”  The reactions range from a glazed-over look of confusion to a blatant “Oh?  Is that a real thing?”




Seriously, the job of a social media manager is 100% essential in today's online world.  The problem is that big corporations have known this for YEARS!  The small mom and pop business, however, heard once upon a time that they needed a Facebook like page for their business.  So, they started one.  And that's it.   They wonder why no one is liking, commenting, interacting, or otherwise noticing its existence.

Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like a business. Treat your business like a hobby and it will cost you like a hobby.
— Lisa Suttora

This quote is at the heart of the social media conundrum for small businesses.  So many times small businesses feel the need to cut corners in order to keep their heads above water.  I understand!  I am a small business too.   I run my business myself.  I make the phone calls, meet customers, and pay the bills myself.  I get it!

The part that is hard to understand for most is that social media is actually pretty easy to keep up with and is THE MOST POWERFUL marketing tool they can me using.  The cost is minimal.  The potential is HUGE!  The kicker comes with education and time (but then when doesn't it, right?)  So, that is where I come in.  My business is to do one of three things (sometimes interchangeably, sometimes all together.)




1) Teach business owners how to properly set up social media accounts that are right for their type of business.  Let’s face it.  If you are a photographer, artist, designer, decorator, baker, cake decorator, underwater basket weaver...anything creative with a pretty product.  YOU BELONG ON INSTAGRAM!  When I ask all of the crafty folks at the farmer’s market where I can find them on Instagram and they say ‘Yeah, I don’t really do that.” I stop, have a slight heart attack and then proceed to politely suggest that it would be a GREAT idea to go ahead and do that!  

2) Suggest content for posting or ideas for crowd appeal.  I know it seems like an insurmountable task to post on multiple social media channels every day.  Small business owners have multiple questions.  Do these sound familiar?

These are all legitimate questions.  I find that when I sit down with a business owner and discuss all the concerns then make a plan for moving forward, the fear of social media evaporates.  Sometimes it is a simple as a reassurance that they are doing everything right and just need to keep truckin’.  Sometimes it is a recommendation to take advantage of my management services.   

3) Offer management services.  See what I did there?  Tricky, right? If a customer needs someone to take the wheel and drive, I can do that.  If they need me to field comments and complaints for them, I can do that.  If they want to run a giveaway online but aren’t sure how to go about it, I can run that one thing then disappear forever.  If they need someone to write blog posts for them, I can do that.  It really is anything they need, no matter how big or small.  





The honest to goodness truth is I spend hour upon hours a day pouring over trends, changes, graphics, blog posts, and news.  I write articles.  I create beautiful pictures.  I engage in conversations.  I answer questions. I log in and out of a dozen social media accounts a day.  





So small businesses with limited resources can grow and flourish.





















FB for Small Business: Practical Uses

FB for Small Business: Practical Uses  - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

There are 50 Million Small Business Facebook Pages.

It is a part of opening a business these days.  

The problem comes after the setup.  

You may ask, “What do I post?”  “How often?”  “How do I make sure I am not bothersome to my customers?”


These are all real concerns and rightly so.  The thing that you must remember is that someone who likes your page wants to hear from you, if they don’t they will unlike you.  So, don’t worry about being an overposter (unless you post 10 times a day...that is too much!)


I want to share a few ideas with relevant examples for small business of various kinds to give a jumping off point for posting.  Obviously, these are just a few ways to use facebook, but hopefully it will spark a brainstorm for you!

  • Events - Holidays, Community Involvement, Special Occasions

    1. A restaurant could post details about a Kids Eat Free night.  Tell if there is a special element like a movie or balloon artist.  You could include the kids menu, so parents could already have in mind what to feed the kids.  You might add a photo of the drink specials for the parents too!  

    2. A pet bakery could show free treats offered on National Dog Day.  You could take pictures of pets as they come in and post them throughout the day.  If someone loves pets enough to shop at a pet bakery, you bet they love them enough to look at photos of them all day!

    3. During a community event, like a Farmer’s Market, near your place of business, you could post specials available just during the event.  Make an impression on the front of people's minds to come visit you while walking around the market.  The options here are endless: Freebies, samples, discounts, or highlight seasonal items.  


  • Product Features - Special Items, Tools, Services

    1. As the local coffee shop, people who frequent your shop will want to know about any new offerings or specials on favorites!  It's Fall?  Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING! Christmas time? Peppermint.  New Easter Basket shaped cookies? Post it!  

    2. Shipping stores can post seasonal shipping boxes.  Promote a box or envelope that is already festive.  People will make a special trip in just to use the packaging.  Special Edition postage can also be a good draw!  When the season is over, tell your customers about sale or clearance items so they can stock up for next year and you can clear inventory!

    3. A plumber could feature the tool she uses to pull a doll or toy car out of the toilet.  A comical but all too real post like this would get the attention of customers while letting them know you are friendly, efficient, and can get the job done.  The same kind of post could be make for any kind of home service.  Show the tools of the trade or special services offered that address issues that people may be embarrassed about.  It shows you are sympathetic to their needs, but also prepared for anything.


  • Content - Information, Tips, Guides, Checklists

    1. A great example of this is Lawn Care tips for every season.  If you are a lawn care company, you know that it is not the lack of knowledge that drives business to you, it is the lack of time.  So, show our knowledge by offering tips for caring for lawns, shrubs, or gardens.  When a lawn service is needed, your audience will remember your name because they trust your advice!

    2. How about a Gift Basket business showing how to tie pretty bows?  This could be a video or infographic with step by step instructions.  Like above, you will show your know-how and when your services are needed, you will be remembered as the expert in your niche.

    3. A bar or pub could offer fancy drink recipes.  Seasonal cocktails are always popular.  The truth is that people don’t always need or want to drink away from home, so provide good recipes they can use at a cocktail party to wow their friends.  Then when it is time for a night out on the town, they will come to you for the original recipe AND their friends will come to you for a taste test comparison!


  • Video - Pre Shot OR (even better) LIVE!

    1. Show behind the scenes of your bakery getting ready for the morning rush.  Show the hard working employees, the ovens firing up, the coffee being brewed.  Remind patrons of the hard work that goes into their morning routine and they will love you all the more for it!

    2. While setting up for your holiday celebration at your brewery/pub, show the decorations coming out, the band setting up, the glasses ready to be filled.  Build anticipation for the event, while simultaneously reminding your customers to come participate and informing those who did not have prior knowledge.  

    3. Interview the chef at your restaurant about the Valentine’s Day specials.  You will want to post the menu, pricing, reservation information also (see #1), but a video of the chef describing the food in his own words will add another level of interest.  It also puts a face to who is preparing the food which is missing in most restaurants!

    4. Interviews (or even short comments) from patrons in your store.  They could state a favorite product, talk about an employee they love to visit with, even do a mini advertisement.  When a customer compliments you on a job well done, just say “Thanks so much!  Would you mind saying that again on video?”  Most of the time, they will say yes!   


Hopefully, these suggestions have sparked a few ideas of your own.  If you need any more ideas or want to talk over some of the suggestions above, contact me.  I would love to discuss how your business could use facebook to connect with your customers!  You can email me at sarah@buzzhustle.com or reach me on Facebook!



Why Social Media is Important for Small Business?

Why Social Media is Important for Small Business - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

You get to show your customer base what you are all about.

The days of being the local one stop shop are sadly gone.  People don’t just call ‘the town handyman’ anymore.  There are dozens of options for every business, so it is important to show your customers who you are, what you stand for, and that you can be trusted with their business!  For example, take a local Rants, Raves, and Reviews group in my town.  Someone posted about a really good Philly cheesesteak in a local stop and shop.  Within 2 weeks, they were so busy that the lunch hour wait was over an hour.  Why? Because word of mouth comes from social media more than a conversation with the neighbor!  If you have a quality service or product and the word gets out online, you had better be online to greet them or they will go to the next thing that glitters!


You can respond to complaints immediately.  

Most people will not completely blast a company online, but some will!  If you are there to apologize and make it right within an hour or two, it will limit the spread.  However, if you are not online to find out about it, your bad review will stay in cyberspace forever.  Critics (and observers) have serious respect for a business owner who will own up to a problem and offer a solution instead of hoping it will go away.


Your competition is on social media

It is just like any other type of advertisement.  If you are not present and someone else is...your business will not get the recognition it deserves.  If you are right there with your competition or even *gasp* communicating with them, then you will be continually upping your game and in return increasing your business’s bottom line.


It will increase your business sales

Obviously, if you are posting and interacting with your customer base on a daily basis, you will be on the front of their minds when it comes time to use your service or buy your product.  Just today, I was talking to my husband about needing to paint in the living room.  I mentioned a handyman I had seen online a few times and said I would contact him on Facebook.  In addition to adding yourself to the mind of your customers, you can also offer incentives that keep your online following coming back for more.  It is like an exclusive club.  They will feel like you are offering a coupon code that only they know about.  


It is FREE!!!  

That is right.  Create visuals using Canva.  Create a newsletter using MailChimp.  Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.  Write a blog on Wordpress.com.  The only thing that it costs you is time. *Cough Cough*  The gigantic advertising budgets of yesterday are of no value online.  If you can connect with your customer, offer them a personal experience, and give value...you will win their loyalty and urge them to share it with others!    


5 Keys to Attention Grabbing Facebook Posts

5 Keys to Attention Grabbing Facebook Posts - FEATURED Blog Image - BuzzHustle Digital Marketing

The only thing worse than doughnuts at the office on the first day of Whole 30 is spending hours on posts for Facebook only to have them fall flat with no engagement.  So, here are a few tips to make sure people are not only seeing your posts but are compelled to pay attention!

Tip # 1

When it comes to content, ask yourself “Is this something I would want to read?”  Is it boring, flat, humorless, offensive, poor quality, or error ridden?  If you wouldn’t want to read your own content, then no one else is either!  Remember these few tips!

  • HAVE FUN! Talk to your audience as if they are your friends. As a small business owner, they should be! These are your people who like your stuff or store or food. Speak to them as if they were in your place of business.

  • Work Smart! Write your posts in Word prior to posting to check for grammar or spelling mistakes OR download an addon like Grammarly to check as you go! Also, check all your links before you hit send. Nothing is more annoying than an engaging post that doesn’t go anywhere!

  • Keep your content short and sweet. Social Media Examiner suggests 100 characters or fewer.

Tip # 2

Engagement on a personal level with your audience is key!  A few ways to keep engament high are:

  • Images (use a photo editor to add your logo, quotes, or slogans)

  • Ask a Question at the end of your post text. Where, When, Should...or do a ‘like if you would’ type questions. No Why Questions. People will skip responding if they have to think or type to much.

  • Do 'behind the scenes'. How do you celebrate birthdays, decorate for holidays, in addition to how you do your day to day operations.

  • Special ‘secret’ deals for FB users. For example, I have a promo code that I only publish on Facebook and I make sure they know it. "FB EXCLUSIVE JUST FOR YOU!"

  • Take advantage of current events: Women's Day, Elections, Olympics. It proves you are relevant and active in modern culture.

  • Give directions aka call to action - Post, Comment, submit, like, tell us, share

Tip # 3

Mix status updates up: educate, entertain, promote, inspire - track the analytics of your posts to see what works the best with your audience.

Tip # 4

Relate what you are posting to the type of media required.  Videos get the most engagement, but if you posted videos everyday people would lose interest.  

Consider the point of the post.

  • Icing tip? Video.

  • New blog post? Link with picture

  • Special Event? Photo.

  • Question? Text in a graphic.

Tip # 5

Post at the Right Time

If you don’t post your Facebook updates when your audience is most likely to see them, you can’t expect good engagement. When is the right time to post? Well, it varies depending on your audience.  For example, if you know your target group consists of working mothers, lunchtime and evenings are probably going to be effective times for you to post because that’s when they’re likely taking a break.

My advice is to always post half an hour before the prescribed optimal time. If the majority of your fans log into Facebook at 8pm, your update should go live by 7:30pm. That way, when your fans come online your post will already be in their news feed.

Adapted from Social Media Examiner